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Music Marathon

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Our annual Music Marathon is coming up. This event is by far our largest student performance event of the year, showcasing MO students in a series of one-hour concerts from 12pm-8pm each day.  The Music Marathon gives MO students and families an opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate the art of music learning and performance and is also our largest— and only—student-driven fundraiser of the year. We hope to make this year's Marathon a fun and festive event! 


All proceeds from this event support programming at the MO. We have raised 50% of our fundraising goals for this academic year. Please help us reach our goal by talking to family and friends about supporting your MO student during the Marathon.  

The Musical Offering is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We rely on donations to help us continue and expand our mission to provide high-quality music education and performance in a community-centered environment. Our recommended fundraising goal per student is $45. With an expected 185 students participating, if everyone raises $45 from their family, friends, neighbors, etc., we'll hit our goal of raising $8,000! 

This year, all our fundraising will be done online, using the website Anython. Visit The Musical Offering's event page and click "participate in this thon" to sign up, set a goal, and start sending out simple, pre-written emails, texts, and social media posts to ask for donations from your family and friends. Set your goal to $45 or aim higher and try to win one of our fabulous prizes! Every student who raises $100 or more will win a Musical Offering drawstring bag, and the student who raises the most will win a custom Musical Offering flip-sequin pillow. 

We'll have even more opportunities for prizes at the Marathon itself, where we'll also be selling MO swag, including T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and more. Thank you for your support of the MO and we look forward to seeing you all in May!


Friday, May 17

7pm - Kick-off event!

Jennifer McCabe's students will perform four-handed piano pieces composed by women. Then Jennifer will accompany the vocal students of Victoria Holland as they delight the audience with vocal selections. This event will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel.

Saturday, May 18

1pm - Recital by Dominic German's voice students

3pm - Recital by Cindy Lam's piano students, part 1

4pm - Recital by Cindy Lam's piano students, part 2

5pm- Recital by Casey Nielsen's guitar students and Kurt Bjorling's woodwind students

7pm - Junior Music on Madison Concert ft. MOrchestra II*


Bach F Minor Keyboard Concerto

Performances by graduating seniors:

-Diana Nemes, violin solo

-Jonathan Hauser, original piano composition

Mozart C Major Piano Concerto, KV 415

*Tickets available here. This event will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel.

Sunday, May 19

12pm - Recital by Rachel Brown's violin students

1pm - Recital by Kelley Sheehan's piano students

2pm - Recital by Sheila Hanford's violin students and Veronica Nettle's cello students

3pm - Recital by Rick Ferguson's piano students, part 1

4pm - Recital by Rick Ferguson's piano students, part 2

5pm - Recital by Caroline Pittman's flute students and Jack Langdon's piano students

7pm - Plugged In & Live performance, ft. adult students of Tim O'Donnell

This event will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel.