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Music Marathon 2022

Help us hit our $12,000 fundraising goal!

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This year, we're excited to host Music Marathon both in-person and virtually!

We're giving you a head start so you have more time to prepare for the marathon. Keep in mind, this is just prep time. More details for participants and donors will be available on our website on Monday, April 11, so stay tuned!

  • Music Marathon will have an in-person and virtual option this year

  • We're suggesting all participants of Music Marathon 2022 to raise a minimum of $60 in donations from family/friends

  • The in-person recitals will take place on May 14, 15, & 21

  • The virtual recital will premiere on Sunday, May 22 at 6:00pm on YouTube

Participant and Donor Guides

Sign up for a recital and start fundraising today!

  • Participant Guide: Detailed instructions on how to sign up for an in-person recital, how to submit videos if participating virtually, as well as what information to send to donors

  • Donor Guide: Details on how to donate so that we can give credit to the student who reached out to you

  • Sign ups for in-person recitals will be open from April 11 - April 25

  • Video Submissions for virtual participation will be accepted from April 11 - May 2

  • If you will required piano accompaniment, email Rick ( ASAP to schedule ($35/student paid by Zelle/check/cash)

We are suggesting all participants of Music Marathon to raise a minimum of $60 in donations from family/friends

Music Marathon 2022 gives MO students and families an opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate the art of music learning and performance and is also our largest— and only—student-driven fundraiser of the year. We hope to make this year's Marathon a fun and festive event! 



All proceeds from this event support programming at the MO. Please help us reach our goal by talking to family and friends about supporting your MO student during the Marathon.  

The Musical Offering is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We rely on donations to help us continue and expand our mission to provide high-quality music education and performance in a community-centered environment. Our recommended fundraising goal per student is $60

Check out the Participant Guide to see this year's fundraising prizes!
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