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Bach Festival

Sponsored by:
J.S. Bach
Student Bach Festival: Sunday, February 25 (all day)
Faculty Bach Recital: Saturday, March 16 at 7pm
Student Bach Recital: Sunday, March 17

What is Bach Festival?
The Bach Festival speaks to the core of who we are as a school and brings our community together! For those of you who don't know, our school's name, "The Musical Offering," is a collection of canons, fugues, and other pieces of music by J.S. Bach, all based on a single musical theme. Every year we come together for the Bach Festival to celebrate our school and community.
General Infomtion
The Bach Festival is split into 3 Parts:
  • Student Bach Festival: Students workshop a piece for 15 min. with a MO teacher other than their own.
  • Faculty Bach Recital: Faculty members perform a recital with works by Bach or his contemporaries
  • Student Bach Recital: Students who participated in the Student Bach Festival can perform their piece they workshopped at the Bach Festival for this recital.

Keep scrolling for more information about the events!
Student Bach Festival
MO students who are in the process of learning pieces by J.S. Bach, or his sons or contemporaries, may sign up for a 15-minute workshop with a MO teacher other than their own. Your teacher will be able to help you determine if you may play a particiular piece at the Bach Festival. There are only 48 slots available - first come first serve.
Workshop Day
Student Bach Festival Quick Info:
  • Open to all instrumentalists and singers
  • Students may sign up for a 15-minute time slot for a workshop with a MO teacher other than their own
  • This is a drop-off/pick-up event
  • This is not a recital, it's like a mini lesson!
  • Solos, duos, and trios are all welcome
bach fest faculty png.png
Bach Festival Faculty Recital
Faculty Recital

Saturday, March 16 at 7:00pm

Join us for an evening of music honor our school's namesake performed by Musical Offering faculty artists as part of our annual Bach Festival series.

In addition to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, this program includes works by Georg Philipp Telemann and Johann Christian Bach.

Get your tickets now! There will be a light reception following.

We would like to thank this year's Bach Festival sponsor: Regina Friedrich, Real Estate Agent.

Featured artists are...
Caroline Pittman, flute
Veronica Kolegas, cello
Julián Pujols Quall, piano
Rick Ferguson, piano and harpsichord
...with special guests: our advanced MOrchestra String Quartet and Friends

"It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself."
--JS Bach
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