MO Show 2021

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Tickets now on sale!

Join us for the 11th iteration of The Musical Offering's annual fall production, "Mine 'Till The End: An Original Musical" by Howard Godfrey

General Admission: $15

Synopsis: Mine 'Till The End follows Delilah Hunt, a famous jazz singer in 1948 who signed a deal for fame and fortune with Adonis Hemlock, her demonic manager and self-proclaimed husband. When Delilah's mother falls ill, she strikes a second deal with Adonis, but this one comes at a much higher cost.

Buying your ticket:

  • After purchasing your ticket you will receive confirmation email that will include a YouTube link. This link will give you access to the unlisted "Mine 'Till The End: An Original Musical PREMIERE" playlist on YouTube. This playlist is only accessible with the shared link. The show and any related content will become visible on this playlist at 6:55 PM on July 16th.

  • There is no student pricing or discounts available. 1 General Admission ticket covers the cost of your household!

  • To help support our program, we prefer that unlisted performance links are not shared with anyone outside your household to encourage people to buy a ticket. Please feel free to share this ticketing page with anyone who might be interested in buying a ticket. If you are interested in giving more than the cost of a ticket, visit to donate. Thank you for supporting MO Show!


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