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Information for new students (students who have not yet completed a trial lesson or have not filled out the new student inquiry form):

If you've never taken a lesson at the MO and wish to take a free trial lesson, please fill out our inquiry form here.


Already received your free trial lesson and wish to register for additional lessons? Please contact Michelle Pranger at with the number and length (30, 45, or 60 minutes) of lessons you'd like to register for.

If you have already taken a trial lesson but have not yet registered for lessons at The Musical Offering, please follow the Returning Students instructions for registration.


Information for returning students (PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY!)

Winter/Spring Session Registration: January 8-21

Winter/Spring session runs from January 15 - May 26

General registration information:

  • There are 17 weeks total for Winter/Spring Session (16 weeks for all group classes).

  • Child students must register for a minimum of 15 lessons and adult students must register for a minimum of 8 lessons for the Winter/Spring Session. 

  • Students will not be able to schedule/attend lessons with their teacher until their registration is received.

  • There is a one time $20 registration fee applied to each family

  • Payment must be received PRIOR to the first lesson of the session either in full or by deposit with the payment plan set up. Private lessons will be put on hold if payment is not received prior to your first lesson of the session.

  • There is one payment plan available: 50% deposit due now, and the remaining 50% is divided equally over February, March, and April. There is a 2% fee associated with the payment plan and you must have a credit card on file.

  • Please only choose the "pay later" option if you will be mailing or dropping off a check. If you are paying by check, email Michelle at to let her know. Lessons cannot begin until the payment is received at the school.

For all child private lesson students and adults registering for 15-17 lessons:

Please click the appropriate links above or click here. Once you are on the registration page, please follow the steps at the bottom of the page under "if you're ready to purchase your lessons, select from our lesson packages below" to register and pay for your Summer Lessons. All private lessons students must register here. The minimum number of lessons required for Winter/Spring Session is 15 lessons for children. Click here or at the links above to register if you are a returning child student or an adult student registering for 15-17 private lessons.

If you are an ADULT student registering for 8-14 lessons

Please click the appropriate button at the top of the page or click here and fill out the form. Once we receive your form, we will email you an invoice within 48 hours. Adult students are required to register for a minimum of 8 lessons in the Winter/Spring session.

If you are registering for a rock, blues, or jazz band, MOrchestra, Cello Ensemble, Adult Guitar, or ECC Story Choir

Please register by choosing the appropriate links above. They will direct you to the class options and you can choose the appropriate class and register/pay immediately.

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