Music Marathon + Bach Festival Participant

STEP 1: Tell your friends and family!

We're encouraging all participants to raise a minimum of $60. This isn't a requirement, but if every student tries to hit the minimum, it will greatly help us to hit our fundraising goal of $15,000!

  • When reaching out to family and friends for donations, just share the info link with them:

  • Weekly newsletters will be sent out to update you on how much money we've raised and who the top runners are in terms of donations raised

  • You'll be emailed directly when you've hit your $60 fundraising goal

  • If you've raised enough donations to win a prize, you will be contacted at the end of the marathon to coordinate a prize drop off

  • Music Marathon & Bach Festival will be ONE event, so all participants are encouraged to raise a $60 minimum

STEP 2: Create your video!
  • Video submissions are now CLOSED! The deadline was April 30th at midnight

  • Submissions received after the deadline will not be uploaded until AFTER the event has concluded (5/17 or later)

STEP 3: Tune in

All playlists are posted here


Sat. May 15th @ 6pm: Bach Festival Performances will premiere on Youtube

Sun. May 16th @ 6pm: Music Marathon Performances will premiere on Youtube