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Veronica Nettles Kolegas

Veronica Nettles Kolegas - Cello
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Veronica "The Philosopher"

It is my goal as a musician, both performer and teaching artist, to bring people together through music, blur lines of culture and class, and to above all, inspire. I am not the first, nor will I be the last to believe in the notion that music can bring out the best in individuals and communities. It is a driving force.

Veronica "The Teacher"

As a teaching artist, I draw from various methods of pedagogy and continuously
seek opportunities to further understand different angles of education. I am trained in
all levels of the Suzuki Method, have been involved in Chicago El Sistema programs and
also utilize the structure of the Royal Conservatory of Music (Music Development
Program), the system in which I studied as a student.

Having grown up in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada, I utilize the Music Development Program (partnered with RCM) as well as the Suzuki Method of teaching in which I am trained in over half of the volumes. I have also taught in multiple El Sistema programs that are geared toward bringing musical opportunities to kids that normally would not have in an orchestral setting.

I began cello at the age of nine in Upstate New York. I later immigrated with my family to Canada settling in the Vancouver region and began my studies with cellist Harold Birston. Participating in youth orchestras, jazz/concert bands, choirs and chamber ensembles, I had the opportunity to broaden my outlook of the cello and all of its capacities. This outlook has shaped my quest for diversity and innovation in my music for years to follow.

Veronica "The Performer"

Recently described as “..alluring..” in the Wall Street Journal, I focus my performance on Chamber Music and innovative cross-genre collaborations and dedicates much of my time to teaching artistry. Cross-genre focuses include Latin American music from Tango ensembles to Cuban Charanga groups and collaborations in Indo-Jazz and Klezmer music, incorporating improvised cello. In the classical realm, I'm most passionate about chamber music and am a member of the Ursa Ensemble, a group dedicated to presenting music old and new, commissioning contemporary works and collaborating with artists of other disciplines. I lead the ensemble’s Ursa Ed program which provides educational outreach concerts for youth.

I received myBachelors Degree from the University of Toronto under Shauna Rolston and David Hetherington, myGraduate Degree at DePaul University under Stephen Balderston and Performers Certificate for String Quartet Performance with the Avalon Quartet. 

Veronica "The Dabbler"

As mentioned above, I love world music! I grew up loving Latin music, Indian music and playing in Jazz bands (tenor sax). I eventually joined the University of Toronto Gamelan and West African Ensembles and began sitting in free improv jam sessions in my search for outlets outside of traditional classical music to “dabble” in. I’m currently in a Cuban Charanga ensemble and I love playing Klezmer-influenced music, both of which enable me to work on my improvisation skills.

Veronica "The Girl Down the Street"

I had the great fortune to grow up both in the USA (New York) and Canada (British Columbia) making me both American and Canadian at heart. I love recycling. And poutine. 

Outside of cello, I love to paint and go salsa dancing, When I’m not wrapped up in the arts, I’m most likely spending time outside with my husband, Ryan, and our border collie, camping, biking or just throwing a Frisbee around.

To learn more about Veronica, visit her website:
Veronica Nettles Kolegas

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