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Tradition in Motion: Annual Appeal 2021

Marielle Calease

Nov 17, 2021

Support our 2021 Annual Appeal by donating today!

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Dear Parents, Students, Friends and Supporters,

This past summer, in a sign of better times approaching, our board of directors met in person for the first time in about one and a half years to hold a strategic planning session. One of our board members graciously offered her back patio and prepared a delicious brunch. It was such a relief and so refreshing to greet each other face to face and get down to business on all things MO. We were excited to discuss how the MO could continue to flourish as we slowly emerged from pandemic restrictions. We started by going around and each stating our hopes and dreams for the MO’s near future.

We found ourselves nearly unanimous in our collective goal: this is the year to stabilize. Our immediate goals focused on increasing our enrollment numbers and continuing on the path back to in-person lessons and performances.

If you visit the MO in person today you can already feel the impact: students coming and going, music emerging from every corner of the space, and even some fun seasonal decorations. Things are in motion again! Cue our annual appeal theme: Tradition in motion. We are beyond excited to welcome our community back to in-person music making, starting with our 2021 Holiday Musicale recitals in December.

Despite the multiple pandemic waves and slow return to “normal” we enjoyed much success in 2021. We held another virtual Music Marathon and raised over $8,000. We were sad to say goodbye to our game-changing Managing Director, Erika Jenko, but then welcomed our amazing new Operations Manager, Michelle Pranger who has already played a huge role in bringing the MO space back to life. MO Show went digital for their fantastic 2021 production, “Mine ‘Til the End.” And, we received some truly incredible compositions for our Young Women’s Composition Competition, with the winning composition being performed live in concert in March 2022.

Now we turn to you, community: Help us keep this momentum going! We have several fundraising goals that will help the MO remain an artistic cornerstone of our community:
Outdoor signage that will add to our neighborhood recognition
More scholarships to ensure that everyone has access to music education
A new piano to keep our lessons and performances top-notch

Our goal is to raise $12,000 – we can do it! Learn more about all the ways you can donate on our website. We welcome any donation level, all tax-deductible.

Of course we couldn’t do all this without our tireless faculty and staff! Your donations will also ensure that we can continue to keep our operations running smoothly and our people supported and recognized for their hard work.

Please spread the word! Send new music enthusiasts our way and share your love of The Musical Offering on social media:

We leave you with this annual appeal video from Rick Ferguson, our artistic director with a very special musical gift. We hope that it will inspire you to include The Musical Offering on your end-of year donation list.


Wishing you and your families health and happiness as we look ahead to 2022!

With gratitude,

Marielle Calease
President, Board of Directors

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