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Dates / Location (2 week camp)
June 13-17 & 20-24
Weekdays 9am-3pm
The Musical Offering
$570 + $20 registration fee
10% sibling discount

About Music Stars Summer Camp

Campers will create one new musical theater piece by taking works from the standard & pop repertoire and giving them a hilarious makeover. Open to all instrumentalists, singers, and would-be scriptwriters & composers ages 10-18! Take your writing, acting, singing, dancing, and/or composing skills to a higher level.

Les Misérables Mermaid: Survivor Edition

Do You Hear the Seafood Sing? Poor Unfortunate Souls see pollution pile into the ocean, and clean water grows scarcer.No mermaid or merman wants to share their territory with some walking calamari or a gluten sensitive flounder and they’re ready to battle it out to see who’s Master of the House. Down with the baguette brandishers! The sea and land is in chaos until Ursula appears with a solution: It’s French revolutionary Mermaids and Mermen vs. Fish as they play the reality show, Survivor, but this time Under the Sea! An array of colorful characters will compete in challenges and slowly vote one another out, each one hoping for One Day More. Is there caviar enough to soothe the annoyance an underwhelming love triangle causes Javert(So type A)? WIll Eponine triumph, finally? Will Marius finally come to their senses? Cosette is a bit shrill after-all with her very-much-alive helicopter mom, Fantine. Maybe Eric can work some Harry Styles magic or Ariel can empower her to go out On Her Own? But as alliances form, it seems there could be revolution brewing and they could come together and be Part of Our NEW World! Peace?
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