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Music Stars

Campers will create THREE new musical theater pieces by taking works from the standard & pop repertoire and giving them a hilarious makeover. Open to all instrumentalists, singers, and would-be scriptwriters & composers ages 9-17! Take your writing, acting, singing, dancing and/or composing skills to a higher level.

Faculty: Rick Ferguson, Jennifer McCabe, and Jayme Coveliers

Times: Camps run 9am-3pm daily


One-week intensive - $330 + $20 registration fee

Two weeks - $570 + $20 registration fee

Three weeks - $845 + $20 registration fee

Four weeks - $1080 + $20 registration fee

10% sibling discount 

Audition dates: May 12, June 2 & 3

Contact Rick Ferguson to schedule your audition or answer questions:

To register, contact Jessie Bond at

Dates: June 24-28

Final performance: Friday, June 28 at 6pm

Wah wah wah wah...

If you speak adult, they'll tell you that "Happiness" is knowing that "You'll be Found", surrounded by friends, or when you realize your "Book Report" is ACTUALLY due on Tuesday. Join these kids through the hardships of third period as they grapple with their "New Philosophy" on this spinning marble.

Dates: July 8-12

Final performance: Friday, July 12 at 6pm


While "Whistling a Happy Tune" en route to open up a new American consulate in the Savannah, US ambassadors find they have to "Get to Know" a herd of talking lions on

Pride Rock. Debating on whether to tear everything down for humanity or whether "The Circle of Life" might be bigger than they imagine, it's clear that everything isn't so "Hakuna Matata".

Dates: July 15-19 and 22-26

Final performance: Friday, July 26 at 6pm


We all say "I Hope I Get it!", but those who don't end up singing "The Music of the Night". They do what any sane artist would--hide deep in the bowels of the theater and haunt the actors who land the role, wreaking havoc on the production one chandelier at a time. Curtains rise and the "Masquerade" begins!


Staff Biographies

Jayme Coveliers is a filmmaker and Evanston native. Studying at Emerson College and DePaul University, Jayme has written and performed in numerous revues and sketch shows such as Emerson’s A Snake So Big You’ll Ask How Big and Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Were Dan Backman? Jayme now performs regularly at The Under the Gun Theater and Second City doing improv and sketch comedy. They also spent numerous years in a Turkish Prison. Anyway, Jayme is very excited to work with your children.

Jennifer McCabe is a piano teacher at The Musical Offering and has worked on the school's Music Stars camps for the past several summers. For more information about Jennifer, please read her staff bio.

Rick Ferguson is the Artistic Director and co-founder of the Musical Offering. He also teaches private piano lessons and MOrchestra I and II. For more information about Rick, please read his staff bio.