Tradition in Motion
Annual Fund Appeal 2021

At The Musical Offering, we cherish working together to create these musical performances and educational opportunities for our students and community. In order for us to continue to provide the highest quality instruction and opportunities, we need you to be a part of our team. One of our most fundamental and necessary sources of revenue is from the generosity of individual donors who believe in our mission. Donors just like you.


Join our team by helping us reach our goal of $15,000 by December 31, 2021. 

Our Goals


Building Sign  |  Scholarships  |  New Piano

For this year's Annual Fund Campaign, we have 3 main goals: install permanent signage at our school's entrances, purchase a new piano, and fund scholarships for students involved in private lessons and group classes.

Building Sign

Have you ever walked up to The Musical Offering and thought, "Is this the right entrance? Is this the correct door? Where's the sign?!" We're so excited to unveil the design for signage at our building!

As seen on the illustration, we aim to install a permanent blade sign at the Custer entrance, as well as door graphics on both the Custer and Madison entrances.

After 21 years of music making, The Musical Offering will finally have shiny new signage for all to see - but we need your help! Consider donating to help us cover this large cost to enhance our facility and make our music school more visible throughout the community.


New Piano



Scholarships are needed now more than ever. One of our goals as an organization is to make music education accessible to everyone, and one way of accomplishing this is to provide as much financial assistance through scholarships as we can.

Support a student's music education by donating to our Annual Fund. A portion of the money we receive will go directly toward student scholarships. Your donation will impact the story of a music student and our community.

As we continue to increase the number and quality of offerings at our school, it has become clear that we also need to upgrade the piano in the String Room - one of our primary teaching spaces at the school.

This 100+ year old piano has served us well for years, helping hundreds of students to learn how to play the piano and make beautiful music. It is time to have a higher quality instrument for our current and future students to learn on.

Please consider making a donation to our Annual Fund to support the purchase of a new piano. A new instrument will have have a transformative effect on all of the quality teaching and music making that happens every week at The Musical Offering.


How to Donate

Donate via Paypal


Tax-deductible gifts to The Musical Offering can be processed as a one-time donation or through monthly automatic deductions.

The Musical Offering is registered with the I.R.S. as a 501(C)(3) corporation and all donations to The Musical Offering are tax deductible!





Donate via Mail or In-Person

If you would prefer to contribute by mail, please send your check to the following address and make checks payable to The Musical Offering.

The Musical Offering
743 Custer Ave. 
Evanston, IL  60202

You may also drop a check off at The Musical Offering in the lobby. Place checks in the drop box on the wall behind the desk/cubicle. Please place your check in an envelope and indicate on the envelope or check that it is for the Annual Fund.