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Anna Joy Buegel - Voice

Anna Joy Buegel is a Chicago based soprano and voice instructor with a passion for all things healthy singing. A chorister at heart, Anna Joy has soloed for and joined many congregational choirs in the area, as well as singing regularly with Stare at the Sun, Chicago Bach Festival Chorus, Roots in the Sky, and entering her first season with Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chorus. She has enjoyed working with individual singers as well as directing/co-directing children's and collegiate choirs through Trinity United Methodist Church, North Park University, The Moody Church, and Moody Bible Institute. She holds a Master's degree in Vocal Performance from North Park University and a Bachelor's degree in Sacred Music from Moody Bible Institute.


When she's not singing or teaching, you can find AJ reading, cooking (never mind the measuring cups) and biking, mostly likely to the Art Institute.

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