Our mission: Meeting the needs of a diverse community through music study, outreach and performance.

Our Offerings

For scholarship information, please contact: 

Rick Ferguson, Artistic Director

The Musical Offering Scholarship Fund is made possible through the generosity of individual and corporate donors.

The MO is looking for volunteers!

Music and the Brain

Fascinating and compelling research by Nina Kraus, Ph.D. from Northwestern University on the effects of music study on auditory and brain development.

Please visit www.brainvolts.northwestern.edu to learn more!

To read her recent article, click HERE!




Summer Camp registration
Four exciting summer camps are available through The Musical Offering's summer camp program - our popular "Music Stars" camps and our new "Listen to This!" camp. Find out more details!

Music Stars Chamber Music Festival
Free to all Musical Offering students! Learn how to work as a team while having fun and making new friends! 
Sunday, March 9th and 16th - 3-5pm
Spots are limited, please call or email to reserve your space:
847-866-6262 or mail@themusicaloffering.org

Winter/Spring Registration 

The winter/spring session has started on January 21. Contact your teacher to get your registration link.

New Students-Please fill out the "inquiry form" for more information and to set up a free introductory lesson.



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