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Mona Mod Fall 2023.jpeg
Mona Mod
First prize winner in Ages 12-14 division
Winning composition: Gretchen: Klein Suite in Drei Folgen
How old were you when you started composing?
I first composed at the age of 8.

What do you love most about composing music?
An ocean of music has been written since Guido d'Arezzo (XI) from Ferrara, but it is still not enough!

Tell us a little about your winning YWCC composition
I was inspired by Goethe's Faust, namely the sinless Gretchen, who knew her first love and became a victim of the devil.

What was your process/approach to composing your piece for YWCC?
First I wrote a libretto for three key episodes of the tragedy. Then I began to reveal the characters. The heroes of Faust began to come to life! This gave me energy for further work.

What is your advice to someone who is interested in composing a piece but does not know where to start?
I am for the fusion of arts. Literature, painting and music are united in their goals. They inspire and complement each other and are destined to live together. Any one of them can be the beginning of another

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
When I was three years old, my mother took me to an astrologer. She looked at the planets and stars on the computer and said: Mona consists of love and notes!
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