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Cindy Lam

Cindy Lam - Piano

Cindy "The Teacher"

I want to be a piano teacher because I have 2 wonderful teachers in my life, Monique Duphil and Donald Isaak. They helped me realized I can do things far beyond my imagination. I just need to put my trust in them. It is my hope that I can somehow nurture my students the same way they nurtured me. It is a tremendous joy to be able to make music, share music, to move someone‘s heart or be in your own world.  I wish my students will realize the gift of music one day no matter which level they are at. Through learning music, you learn to focus, to have discipline, to take responsibility, to face challenges, to believe in yourself, to not give up, to try your very best and have no regret. It’s a valuable lesson to learn in life. 

Cindy "The Student"

I started taking piano lesson at the age of 4.  I’ve completed Grade 8 piano exams from the Royal Schools of Music at the age of 13 and later earned a performance diploma from Trinity College of Music, London. I have a Certificate (post Master) in Piano Performance, Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Performance from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor degree in Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In addition to working with my principle teachers in Hong Kong and US, I've played master classes by Peter Katin, David Burge, Natalya Antonova and Alan Chow, among others. I was also chosen to be one of the 10 participants from Hong Kong, US, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan for Yale University's "International Summer Piano Institute." It was a wonderful experience to study with Boris Berman, Claude Frank and Peter Frankl.

Cindy "The Pianist"

In addition to my daily teaching, I am a pianist and organist at my church in Elk Grove Village.  I’ve performed with violinists at Millennium Park and I play for violinists at Midwest Young Artists every year. I play whenever it fits my schedule. A nice balance between playing, teaching and resting is essential.

Cindy "The Alien"

Upon my graduation from Chinese University of Hong Kong, I was fortunate enough to get a full scholarship to study at Northwestern University for 5 years. It was an eye-opening experience, so many opportunities, so many differences. During that period of time, I start to fall in love with this country and I decided to stay after my time with Northwestern. I don’t know how much longer I am able to stay in this country, but I will always treasure the time I have in this place, at this moment, with all my friends and students.

Cindy "The Traveler"

In addition to my annual trip to Hong Kong to visit my family, I enjoy traveling. My most adventurous trip was spending 3 months in Europe before my senior year in college. Seeing different parts of the world, to me, is the next best thing besides music.

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