Bach Faculty Concert


'Crab Canon' from 'The Musical Offering' by Johann Sebastian Bach, played by Rick Ferguson

Prelude and Fugue in F Minor from WTC II by Johann Sebastian Bach, played by Jennifer McCabe (piano)

Courante BWV 995 by Johann Sebastian Bach, played by Casey Nielsen (guitar)

Mvt IV from Motet 'Jesu Meine Freunde' BWV 227 by Johann Sebastian Bach, sung by Dominic German (baritone)

Fantastia in A Major for Flute by Georg Phillip Telemann played by Caroline Pittman

Two Sonatas in D Minor K. 9 and K. 141 by Domenico Scarlatti played by Rick Ferguson

Minuets I and II from Suite in G Major BWV 1007 by Johann Sebastian Bach/Minuet for Solo Cello by Chad Wick played by Veronica Nettles Kolegas (cello)

A collection of short pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach and Bela Bartok played by Ryan Senger (piano):

Kleine Prelude no. 1 in c minor (Johann Sebastian Bach) Jolts, Mik. 96 (Bela Bartok ) Aria from suite in g minor BWV 822 (Johann Sebastian Bach) County Fair, Mik. 47 (Bela Bartok ) Kleine Prelude no. 9 in d minor (Johann Sebastian Bach) In Orient Style, Mik. 58 (Bela Bartok ) Homage a J.S.B, Mik. 79 (Bela Bartok )

Partita in b minor for Solo Violin BWV 1002 played by Rachel Brown (violin)

Theme from 'Goldberg Variations' BWV 988 by Johann Sebastian Bach played by Rick Ferguson