Registration begins Jan. 5th!


Students will create a new musical theater piece by taking works from the standard & pop repertoire and giving them a hilarious makeover. Open to all instrumentalists, singers, and would-be scriptwriters & composers ages 10-16! Take your writing, acting, singing, dancing and/or composing skills to a higher level. 

Where: 100% online

When: Tuesdays from 4-6pm on the following dates:

  • Feb 2

  • Feb 9

  • Feb 16

  • Feb 23

  • March 2

  • March 9


Cost: $395

Cast capacity: 15 people



Jennifer McCabe (Music Director & Coach)

Jayme Coveliers (Writer/Director)

Corey Mills (Choreographer)


No audition necessary! All inclusive!


The Hills are Alive… With the Sound of Jumanji! Alan Parish is Sixteen Going on Seventeen, happily living his life as a yodeller in training when Bethany Walker and Anthony Johnson arrive with a board game called ALAN. Alan finds out that his entire life and all of his Favorite Things are the plot of a board game that Bethany and Anthony have been sucked into! It’s not long before they’re all pulled into another game and it’s So Long, Farewell to everything they once knew and must start again in… JUMANJI. Leaping over vast canyons with Ruby Roundhouse and Jefferson Seaplane, dodging the man-eating Edelweiss with Franklin Finbar, evading Lonely Goat Herds with Dr. Xander Bravestone, and battling it out in more people-sucking games like Candyland and Monopoly await them around every corner.



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