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The Musical Offering's Educational Partnerships

International performing artists and composers working together to bring you unique experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

Educational outreach is a vital component of The Musical Offering’s mission. Our featured programming, composed of critically acclaimed professional musicians, provides interactive workshops and vibrant performances for audiences K-12. We work directly with you to tailor a program specifically designed for your audience. Pre- and post-performance curriculum guides are provided.

Experienced performers with a passion for education, our highly regarded artist-teachers serve on the faculty of The Musical Offering and many of Chicago’s leading colleges and universities, public and private schools, and hold advanced degrees from Yale, Northwestern, University of Illinois, and the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. The Musical Offering faculty served as instructors and performers for the children’s opera Le Chanson de Roland, written by composer James Falzone and performed at Oakton Elementary School. 

For information about educational partnerships, contact us at:

2019-20 Ensemble-in-Residence: Ursa Ensemble

The Musical Offering is proud to announce the Ursa Ensemble as our ensemble-in-residence for 2018-19 school year. Featuring two MO instructors, violin teacher and Ursa artistic director Rachel Brown and cello teacher Veronica Nettles Kolegas, The Ursa Ensemble is a Chicago-based chamber group that seeks to present uncommon music to their audiences in unique ways, in unconventional places, and with individual interpretations.  

The Ursa Ensemble will be performing a concert series at the Musical Offering; teaching chamber music master classes to small ensembles in anticipation of the solo and ensemble competitions; and offering performances for local schools.


To bring the Ursa Ensemble to your school, contact Rachel Brown at

Rachel Brown, Nicholas Jeffrey, Jonathan Hannau, Joe Sanchez, and Veronica Nettles Kolegas

Featured Partnerships

  • Foundation 65 - Through a grant from Foundation 65, Artistic Director Rick Ferguson partnered with Chute Middle School in fall of 2017 to create a multimedia musical performance on the theme of dystopia. Read about it in the Evanston Review. In fall 2018, Ferguson undertook a similar project at Chute on the theme of economic equity. Read about it in the Evanston RoundTable.

  • Y.O.U. - Y.O.U. serves over 1,600 youth and reaches over 4,000 family members each year through afterschool and summer learning programs, clinical counseling, street outreach, and family engagement. These services have a powerful, positive impact on youth’s academic, social, and emotional growth and development. MO voice teacher Dominic German led a choral program this fall as part of Y.O.U.'s afterschool programming.

  • Presbyterian Homes - For the past several years, Musical Offering students have performed annually for the residents at Presbyterian Homes retirement community.

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