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743 Custer Avenue

Evanston, IL 60202


© 2018 by The Musical Offering.

Kurt Björling - Clarinet, Saxophone

Kurt plays many styles of music on many different instruments. In addition to performing and teaching locally he often teaches at special workshops both in the USA and abroad. He occasionally composes music and builds, repairs and customizes musical instruments.  He is the director of the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble and a member of the internationally acclaimed Yiddish music ensemble Brave Old World.

Kurt's principal aim as a teacher, besides imparting essential skills and musical sensibility, is to help others to be able to enjoy making music, regardless of whether they intend to pursue music as a profession.

"I am less concerned with grooming students to impress a contest judge than with showing them how to please themselves with music, and to keep music as an active part of their lives even when they don't have an organization to provide them with a context for it. I meet too many people who tell me, with regret in their voices, that they USED to play an instrument, but that after they finished school they didn't have any opportunity to continue."