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Julianna Smith, Voice
Not currently accepting new students

My name is Julianna Smith and I am a graduate student at Northwestern University studying voice and opera. Originally from north of Baltimore, Maryland, I attended the University of Maryland for my undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance and spent one semester studying classical music in Vienna, Austria. As a performer, I love to be on stage! I have appeared in over twenty operas and musicals throughout my life, and I hope to grow that list! While I am currently focusing on opera and classical music, I also love to sing musical theater, jazz, and pop music

My favorite thing about singing is how we can use words! I grew up playing trombone and piano, but using words in music helped me connect to my audience and tell a story in ways I never had before. As a teacher, I want to help my students find their own story behind their singing. While it is imperative to start my students with a strong musical and technical foundation, the best work is in the details that follow, where we look for meaning in every note and word on the page, and then bring the piece to life when they perform!

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