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Announcement (05.15.2022)

Artistic Statement on In-Person Vs. Remote Lessons

Music instruction is an acoustic learning experience. As such, fine-motor and various types of sound-related adjustments are required routinely during any given lesson. Accurate teacher feedback is dependent on the ability to hear and see clearly how the student is interacting with their instrument and repertoire.

While remote teaching has become a valuable tool in our teaching toolkit, it is not a viable substitute for long-term in-person instruction, especially for students in middle and elementary school.

Sound distortion, inconsistent internet connections, and screen-related fatigue are endemic to online learning. These elements are particularly challenging when it comes to music instruction and often result in an inferior overall learning dynamic for the student over time. 

Remote teaching can be of use for students who are experiencing health-related challenges, for makeup lessons, or for teachers who, due to location, health, or professional reasons, need to teach remotely in order to maintain consistency of study.

However, in-person lessons are the expectation as the primary study platform. Our students deserve the best possible musical learning experience and this is best accomplished through in-person instruction.

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