UPDATED 11.17.2020

30 Day COVID Advisory at MO

We are following Evanston’s advisory and recommending to our faculty that all classes move to remote or pause if they can’t, unless a private student or their parent consents in writing to an exception.


The MO is not shutting down. This is an advisory to keep our communities safe

MO Advisory goes into effect Tues 11/17/2020


Private Lessons:


Any private lessons that are normally held on-site and cannot be transferred remotely due to students being 10 and under, technological difficulties, etc will be put on hold until the 30 day advisory is complete.


On a case by case basis, if it is necessary for the student to learn on-site and the teacher agrees to it, students (or parent/guardian if under 18) can contact Erika at to submit written consent for EACH lesson on-site during the advisory.

On-site students and teachers will still be required to follow all COVID protocols (below)

Group Classes:


M'Orchestra classes will be held remotely and may occasionally meet on site to film recordings that couldn't be done remotely. Students will have the option of not participating in recordings if they don't wish to be on-site during the advisory.

When on-site to record, students must follow all COVID protocols (below) AND submit written consent to Erika at


Plugged In & Live classes will continue to be held on-site with all COVID protocols in place, since the classes can't be held remotely.


If a student doesn't wish to be on-site during the advisory, they may put their classes on hold until the advisory is complete. All PIL students continuing classes on-site during the advisory must submit written consent to Erika at for EACH class held that they attend on-site AND follow all COVID protocols.

One-time recordings (recital videos hosted by faculty, M'Orchestra, etc) can still be held in the Madison Room during the advisory. All participants must complete wellness waivers and continue to follow all protocols, including sending written consent to Erika at



The majority of private lessons will be held remotely. Teachers who have opted to occasionally teach on-site will reach out to students directly if they are a good candidate for on-site teaching (including new students, students under the age of 10 and students who are unable to learn remotely. Group Classes will be held both on-site and remotely.


M'Orchestra I & II: On-site in the Madison Room

Plugged In & Live: Offered on-site in the Madison Room with the following precautions in place

  • PIL students enter at the 625 Madison entrance and would be scanned upon entry

  • Band members are dropped off--no parents will be allowed into the rehearsal space

  • They proceed to the kitchen area to wash hands (one at a time) or use hand sanitizer (which we have onsite)

  • Players wear masks during rehearsals (with the exception of horn players)

  • Tim oversees that each band member remains in their individual marked area

  • At the end of rehearsal, band members wash or sanitize their hands again

  • Tim wipes down instruments/any common surfaces after each rehearsal

Intermediate/Advanced Aural Skills: Remote

Cello Appreciation: Remote

Jazz Theory: Remote

Private Lessons: Now available on-site (Being offered by select teachers for select students with the following protocols in place)


On-site scheduling will be prioritized for students who are not able to learn remotely, students 10 and under and students who have never had an on-site lesson at MO. Teachers who are choosing to teach on-site will be reaching out to students directly who might be a good candidate. The following policies are in place:



  • 4 teacher max capacity

  • Masks are required at all times

  • Teachers and students must maintain 6ft social distancing at all times

  • disposable masks are available on-site if a student arrives without a mask

  • Hand Sanitizer is available 

  • Pianos are wiped down with isopropyl alcohol after each lesson

  • The lobby is closed. All students must be dropped off (Students 8 and under may be accompanied by 1 parent/guardian)

  • Temperature check at the entrance with contactless thermometer

  • Wellness Waiver must be completed electronically prior to lesson. Paper copy of waiver is available to be completed at the door

  • Closures: Pink Room, Blue Room, Pod

  • String, Yellow, Green Room: If you’re scheduled in this room, you may enter through the main lobby

  • Madison Room: Treated as a separate facility. You may enter through the 625 Madison entrance

  • If a student is waiting to be picked up after a lesson, they may wait in a designated seating area in the lobby (green zones only)

Wellness Waivers will be sent by the teacher and must be completed prior to the lesson. Student must wait outside for teacher to check them in. Any outside visits to the MO are strictly prohibited. Every lesson must be scheduled in advance to ensure that we are staying at or below our max capacity.

PLEASE NOTE: Teachers have the option of teaching 100% remotely or a mix of both. Once the MO is officially reopened to private lessons, teachers who plan on teaching on-site will reach out to families directly to schedule. Families will also be sent out all MO policies and regulations to help them prepare for upcoming lessons. 



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