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Adult Chamber Music

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Are you an adult interested in playing chamber music? It's never too late in life to join a small ensemble and start making music with others. Our fabulous teacher Caroline Pittman will coach each ensemble to hone their skills and improve the sound of the group. Adults of all ages with several years' musical experience are welcome to join. We are especially looking for string players, woodwind players, and harpists.


Please contact our artistic director, Rick Ferguson, at with questions or to get involved! 

"For each of us—a lawyer-turned-librarian, a pediatrician-turned-pharmaceutical-executive, and a journalist-turned-historian—chamber music lessons at The Musical Offering have brought unexpected riches to the years of retirement. Playing our instruments with others at the Musical Offering as a chamber music group has been a great learning experience, not only in improving our own musical instrument skills but also for playing in a group: a team. Aside from having the opportunity to play music with other like-minded people, the friendship and camaraderie have been extremely rewarding. Working under a teacher who is equally rigorous and gentle, someone who pushes us yet understands our limits, we have found new understandings of what music is and what zest it can add to life."  

-The Madison Three

Adult Chamber Music Group

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