Veronica Nettles - Cello

Bethany YoungeVeronica "The Philosopher"

It is my goal as a musician, both performer and teaching artist, to bring people together through music, blur lines of culture and class, and to above all, inspire. I am not the first, nor will I be the last to believe in the notion that music can bring out the best in individuals and communities. It is a driving force.

Veronica "The Teacher"

It is a very special part of my life to share the knowledge and experiences I have as a cellist with my students. My mission is to pass on the joy of playing, the outlet for expression, the challenge for the mind and the inspiration and tools to create something great.

Having grown up in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada, I utilize the Music Development Program (partnered with RCM) as well as the Suzuki Method of teaching in which I am trained in over half of the volumes. I have also taught in multiple El Sistema programs that are geared toward bringing musical opportunities to kids that normally would not have in an orchestral setting.

Veronica "The Performer"

In the realm of performance, I am most passionate about chamber music and also love dabbling in world music fusions.

Chamber Music:

  • Co-founder, co-manager and cellist for the Kaia String Quartet for 6 years. Kaia has been resident ensemble for the Chicago Latino Music Festival for several years, touring in USA and Mexico, airing on WFMT and NPR and collaborating with the likes of Paquito D’Rivera.
  • Member of the Ondas ensemble, premiering works of Miguel Kertsman and performing pieces of other contemporary Latin composers such as Elbio Barilari and Gustavo Leone.
  • Cellist of the Ursa Ensemble in Chicago, playing works old and new with a mission to support and  commission works of contemporary composers. I also am developing the "Little Dippers" program that will bring music presentations to kids in schools.

I received her Bachelors Degree from the University of Toronto under Shauna Rolston and David Hetherington, my Graduate Degree at DePaul University under Stephen Balderston and Performers Certificate for String Quartet Performance with the Avalon Quartet.

Veronica "The Dabbler"

As mentioned above, I love world music! I grew up loving Latin music, Indian music and playing in Jazz bands (tenor sax). I eventually joined the University of Toronto Gamelan and West African Ensembles and began sitting in free improv jam sessions in my search for outlets outside of traditional classical music to “dabble” in. I’m currently in a Cuban Charanga ensemble and I love playing Klezmer-influenced music, both of which enable me to work on my improvisation skills.

Veronica "The Girl Down the Street"

I had the great fortune to grow up both in the USA (New York) and Canada (British Columbia) making me both American and Canadian at heart. I love recycling. And poutine. 

Outside of cello, I love to paint and go salsa dancing, When I’m not wrapped up in the arts, I’m most likely spending time outside with my husband, Ryan, and our border collie, camping, biking or just throwing a Frisbee around.

To learn more about Veronica, visit her website:
Veronica Nettles Kolegas

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