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Wednesday, October 11th... 7:30 PM

Mark Twain's America:
A Concert of Vintage, Traditional and Classical American Music from Twain's Day

Jacqueline Schwab, piano                                                     

Jacqueline Schwab is a folk and classical improvisational pianist who plays "gorgeously spare piano" (The Boston Globe) yet "sounds as if she has an orchestra at her fingertips" (Sing Out). Chosen by the renowned Ken Burns for numerous public TV documentaries due to the emotional expression in her playing, Jacqueline has performed on the soundtracks for the Grammy award-winning Civil War, the Emmy
award-winning Baseball and Mark Twain, among others.

Jacqueline's signature style defies easy categorization, fitting somewhere in the crossover between folk, traditional, classical and new age music. Although many people connect improvisation with jazz, Jacqueline's inspirations are traditional music of England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, blues, vintage tangos, Bach's dance suites, 19th century parlor piano, and the turn-of-the-20th century sounds of Satie, Debussy and Bartok for starters.

For her concert at The Musical Offering, Jacqueline will perform her arrangements of American heart songs and dance tunes, honoring the improvisational spirit of historical community music, with fresh modern sounds. Her program will include Stephen Foster and Civil War parlor songs, Victorian ballroom music, Scots and Irish fiddle tunes, hymns and spirituals, and ragtimeplus vintage Latin waltzes and tangos, classical pieces, and more. Mark Twain called tunes remembrancers. Jacqueline will speak about them, sharing her love for the power of music to transport us into our own past and also on to new horizons full of exciting new possibilities.







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Saturday, October 14th... 7:30 PM

Mobile Variations

Krzysztof Wolek and Ryan Ingebritsen



Composers and Electronic Performers Krzysztof Wolek and
Ryan Ingebritsen met in 2001 at a week long composition workshop
in Stuttgart.  Ingebritsen was on a year of Fulbright study in Krakow,
Poland and Wolek just finishing his studies in Katowice.  They became
fast friends and soon after both found themselves in Chicago,
Ingebritsen starting his career in the Chicago underground and
experimental music scene and Wolek attending the University of Chicago.
It was often joked that with the distance between them in Chicago -
Ingebritsen mostly living and working on the north side and Krzystof
busily carrying out his studies on the U of C's South Side Campus -
that they saw each other more often in Poland than they did in Chicago.


Short Bios

Krzysztof Wolek (b. 1976, Bytom, Poland) is a composer, improviser, and
installation artist. He is currently working as an Associate Professor of Music
Composition and a Director of Digital Composition Studies at the University of
Louisville. He received commissions from the Warsaw Autumn Festival, the
Siemens Foundation, SCI/ASCAP, among others, as well as awards, grants and
stipends from the University of Chicago, University of Louisville, Foundation for
Contemporary Arts, Kentucky Arts Council and Polish Ministry of Culture and
National Heritage. Krzysztof is a passionate advocate of contemporary acoustic
and electronic music and multimedia compositions, serves on the jury of the
Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition and is a Programming Committee
Member of the Warsaw Autumn Festival. His compositions received various awards
such as the Prix for Mobile Variations at the Concours Internationaux
de Musique et d'Art Sonore Electroacoustiques- Bourges  2007. Krzysztofs
works span a broad spectrum of works from purely acoustic, improvisational
and electronic to various forms of multidisciplinary collaborations. They have been
presented at various festivals of contemporary music and art in Europe, North
America and Asia.

Ryan Ingebritsen (b. 1973, Farmington MO, USA) a composer, sound designer,
sound artist, electronic musician, and sound engineer whose artistic activities spill
over from one world to another. Through all of his artistic activities, he collaborates
with musicians, dancers and live performers, and spaces to create interactive and
site specific solutions that enhance expressive possibilities of utilizing spaces and
sound systems as instruments in an ensemble. Ingebritsen has distinguished himself as an artistic partner and become an integral part of the new music scene in Chicago working with a myriad of groups such as eighth blackbird, International Contemporary Ensemble, Third Coast Percussion, and choreographers such as Erica Mott, Ginger Farley, and Sarah Shelton-Mann. His work has taken him to Europe, Asia, and Australia and he has worked and had his work presented in premier venues throughout the US such as the Park Avenue Armory in New York and the Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago. 



General Admission -- $15.00

Non-Students (with photo ID) -- $10.00

MO Students -- FREE

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Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted at the door.

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Ryan Ingebritsen
Sam Scranton

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Ursa Ensemble

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Ursa is planning a program featuring Stravinsky's Soldier Tale Suite for violin clarinet and piano, Beethoven's eyeglasses duet, and a work commissioned from Jordan Jenkins.