Kelley Sheehan - Piano, Composition



Kelley "The Philosopher"

As a working musician, composer, and teacher, I've found that engaging with either students or musicians one-on-one to be important to cultivating an open learning environment. Understanding that each student is an individual with varying learning styles, musical understanding, and preference, is paramount in my teaching as I strive to find the best way to provide inspiring lessons that are fun yet cater to these individual needs.

Kelley "The Composer"

Kelley Sheehan has received a Masters degree in Composition from Depaul University and a Bachelors degree from Columbia College Chicago. She has studied composition with Marcos Balter, Frederick Gifford, and Seung-Ah Oh, among others.

Kelley is a composer of acoustic, electronic, electro-acoustic, and performance art works.
Her work has been performed in Canada, Europe and the USA different venues such as concert halls, gallery spaces, and more.


Kelley "The Teacher"

Kelley has taught composition and piano for several years. Focusing on reading music, rhythm, proper technique, music theory, and individuality. Encouraging students to seek out their own individual voice through the study of musical scores and practicing improvisation. Engaging in music theory, composition, instrumentation and score preparation (hand written or through computers). 


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