"My son had one of the best experiences of his life at The Musical Offering…. He does things his own way, learns somewhat differently.... You should know that he sits at the piano now and works on things…. More importantly, he learned about music from you.  Your operation at The MO is so unique and a gift to our community." -Musical Offering parent


Private Lessons
  Piano - classical, jazz
  Voice - soprano, alto, tenor, bass
  Strings - violin, viola, cello, harp
  Guitar - classical, jazz, pop
  Woodwinds - flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder
  Composition - composition, theory
  Brazilian flute and winds, mandolin, and pandeira 

Chamber Music 
   MOrchestra Ensembles
   Cello Ensemble
   Adult Chamber Group

Chicago Choro Club
   Brazilian Music Classes

Music Stars Summer Camps
   Intensive 1-or-2-week Musical Theater 
   NEW in 2018! Rock N Roll Theatre Camp


Plugged In and Live!
   Chicago Blues
   Rock Band
   Coffeehouse Jazz
   Rock N Roll Theatre Camp

Special Workshops & Free Studio Classes